Sound Visualization


The objective of this project is to build an object oriented C library which makes possible the visualization of sound. Also the idea is to apply a data-driven architecture which allows us to deal with general sound processing that can be extended to real-time processing systems.


The idea of this project is to apply much of the work done in the course s3d to deal with sound signals. There are many differences between image and sound. One of the major differences is that sound happens in time and image takes place in space. Because of that the data-driven paradigm enables us to work with a flux of information so important to sound signals. The idea is to have one (or many) source sounds that can be combined together, filtered in many ways and stored in a output object. This object can be of two natures: it can be a sound file (or in the future a sound output straight to the speaker) or it can be a visualization device.


After the data-driven architecture is implemented one will be able to build many kinds of visualization devices. Our goal is to be able to "view" what is happening in the sound when we listen to it. The interest on that is to find out what kind of insight can emerge from this process and mainly to build good educational instruments that can transmit complex musical concepts such as loudness, pitch, harmony, rhythm, etc.

The Video

At the end we will produce a video with the best results in the educational field and this material will be available for educational purposes.

The code

The C library code is avaiable here.

Copyright © 2005 Sergio Krakowski