S3D API Documentation


	S3D is the companion software package of the book "Sistemas Graficos 3D" by Luiz Velho and Jonas Gomes.
  The software contains an implementation of all the algorithms described in the book. The object oriented S3D was designed by 
  Mario de Sa Vera as a final work for the "Sistemas Graficos 3D" course ministered by Prof. Luiz Velho at IMPA.

S3D Modules

	The refactoring was done over the base directory in the original hierarchy structure. The modules affected by the refactoring process were :
	/clip /csg /geom /map /poly /rad /ray /shade /visib /color /image /prim /raster /scene /view

S3D Managers

	The S3D Managers are :
	/managers /

The final work presentation can be downloaded here :

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