Overview / Basic Concepts  (LV c1)
  Learning From Data (DL c5)
  Image Collections / Digital Images (LV c6,c7)

  Filters / Classical Basis  (LV c2 / FW c2)
  Image Analysis / RANSAC (SZ c4)
  Representation Learning (DL c6)
  Generative Models / GANS (DL c20)

  Multiscale / Wavelets (FW c4,c5,c6,c7)
  Edge-Aware Filters (*)
  CNN Architectures (DL c9)

  Segmentation / Graph Cuts (DL c12 / SZ c5)
  Classification / Detection
  Color Theory / Visual Perception (LV c4,c5)

LV - Image Processing For Computer Graphics and Vision
DL - Deep Learning 
FW - From Fourier Analysis to Wavelets
SZ - Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications