Quantitative Microscopy Applied to Cytology and Material Microstructure

Daniela M. Ushizima, Hermes Senger, Marcos C. d'Ornellas, Fatima N. S. Medeiros

Abstract. This paper introduces the project SQOPE: Software in Quantitative OPtical and Electron microscopy, which aims to establish a collaborative group of researchers in the development of a computer framework to process and analyze microscopic images. The main requirements are the ability to deal with images from different microscopes, customization facilities and two execution modes: sequential and parallel. The parallel version will be available through the Internet, by means of a service portal. This tool will permit computer-aided identification of pathologies in medical images, even so we intend to extend it to other sectors of technical-scientific research. The commercial potential of this software attracted the company Associated Scientists to intervene in the project.

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