3D Reconstruction of Free-Form Objets from Range Images Acquired by Laser Scanning

Landecir Alves de Albuquerque, Josť Mauricio Santos Torres Motta

Abstract. A current challenge is the construction of three-dimensional models digitized with precision enough to be used in manufacturing systems or numerical simulation of the performance of machines and components in operation, as turbines and flows in non-circular ducts, when the geometric model is not available. The 3D reconstruction of objects or scenes from range images, also known as depth maps, is preferable than using intensity images or stereoscopy. These maps represent information of distances measured from an observer (optical sensor or camera) to the scene in a rectangular grid. Therefore, the 3D information is explicit and will not need to be recovered as in the case of intensity images. The reconstruction process presents three stages. The first one is sampling of the real world in depth maps. The second stage is the alignment of several views within the same coordinate system, known as image registration. The third stage is the integration of the views for the generation of surface representation. In this poster an implementation to create 3D models by the alignment of multiple range images acquired by laser scanning is presented. The research has for focus the second stage of the reconstruction: the registration or alignment of range images.

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