Supporting the Online Community of Computer Graphics Educators

Frederico C. Figueiredo, Joaquim A. Jorge

Abstract. Computer Graphics (CG), Digital Arts and Media fields have evolved considerably over the past few decades. This growth makes it difficult for educators and professionals to keep up with the pace of change, since they must achieve deeper understanding and master new content of computers and imagery, from the latest technology developments. Thus, providing with the necessary means for educators work to be appraised and to be available to others for use is an important resource for CG and for the Community of CG educators and professionals, worldwide.

This paper describes and discusses the current status of CGEMS, an online server for educational refereed content that aims at supporting the community of CG by allowing educators to contribute with, and access, high-quality curricular resources.

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CGEMS is funded in part by the European Commission Alfa INETGAM project (II-0072-A) and by special Eurographics education board and ACM/SIGGRAPH education committee grants.

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