X3DPROT: A Tool for Distributed 3D Protein Structure Visualization and Manipulation

Prof.Dr. Marcos Bonfadini

Abstract. In recent years Proteomics has gained strength and also delivered a huge amount of data, which must be interpreted. Those who work on the field welcome any effort to speed up the whole research process. A 3D protein structure determines its interaction with other molecules. On the 3D protein structure visualization aspect, several applications have been used with a certain degree of success, although a few of then have the capability of collaborative visualization and model construction via Internet. The visualization system here presented will allow the examination of a given protein molecule through different visual representations, such as: space fill, backbone, ball-stick and ribbon. Another feature designed is an annotation system that will make possible the sharing of particular observations of various researchers geographically distributed on specific regions of the protein model. These observations would be made on audio, video and text formats. .

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