4-8 Subdivision


4-8 Subdivision
(CAGD 2001, Special Issue on Subdivision)

This paper extends four direction box splines to irregular triangle meshes. It presents a semi-regular 4-8 refinement procedure and a generalization of a box spline which is C4 continuous almost everywhere.
(See also Generalizing the C4 Four-directional Box Spline to Surfaces of Arbitrary Topology , Mathematical Methods in CAGD: Oslo 2000.)

Quasi 4-8 Subdivision Surfaces
(CAGD 2001)

This paper investigates the concept of quasi-stationary subdivision arising from geometry-dependent refinement. It also proposes a factorization of high order subdivision schemes through repeated convolution.

Using Semi-Regular 4-8 Meshes
for Subdivision Surfaces

( Journal of Graphics Tools, 2000)

This paper shows how to implement the Catmull-Clark and Doo-Sabin subdivision surfaces using 4-8 meshes. This method is based on a decomposition of the corresponding subdivision operators.

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