Activities in 2004

December, 5-10
Escola de Computacao Grafica - IMCA
Organizer and Instructor .

December, 2
Ms. thesis defense on "Image Inpainting and Heat Equation", Fabiano Petroneto
Member of thesis committee.

November, 26
III Encontro Internacional de Televisao
Invited speaker.

November, 16-18
VMV 2004
Presenting a paper .

November, 4
Invited Talk on "The Mathematics of Visual Computing" .

October 27
Guest Lecture on Animation .

October 20-21
WJogos 2004
Program Committee Member .

October 17-20
Program Committee Member .

SVR / Cibercultura 2004
Invited Speaker .

October, 8
Ms. thesis defense on "Visualization of Point Surfaces", Jose Luiz Soares Luz, (IMPA)

October, 7
Ms. thesis defense on "Moment-Based Interpolation", Lourena Rocha, (IMPA)

September, 30
Qualification examination, Jose Luiz Soares Luz (IMPA)
Committee Member.

September, 28
D.Sc. thesis defense on "Scale Spaces for Implicit Surfaces", Antonio Lopes jr., (COPPE/UFRJ)

September, 14-16
Workshop of Geometry Processing and Applications

September, 13
D.Sc. thesis defense on "Surface Reconstruction from Noisy Point Clouds", Boris Mederos Madrazo (IMPA)

September 7-10
Second International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission
Program Committee Member .

September 1-3
Eurographics 2004
Program Committee Member of Short Papers track .

August to November
Course on Subdivision Surfaces and Multiresolution ,
Teaching this topics course during the second term at IMPA.

August, 16
Ms. thesis Proposal, Hedlena Bezerra

August, 8-12
Course, Papers Reviewer .

August, 3
Ms. thesis defense on "Operacoes Booleanas na Modelagem por Pontos", Heloisa Reis Leal, PUC-Rio

July, 8-10
Second Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing
Program Committee Member .

June, 28
Ms. thesis defense on "Modelagem e Visualizacao a Mao Livre usando Superficies Implicitas Variacionais", Alvaro Parari, COPPE-UFRJ
Member of the thesis committee

June, 9-11
ACM Symposium on Solid Modeling and Application , Genova
Member of the Program Committee.

June, 7-9
International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications , Genova
Program Committee Member.

June, 4
Qualification Exam Cleber Rubert
Member of the examination committee, co-supervisor

June, 3
Qualification Exam Thomas Lewiner
Member of the examination committee,

June, 2-4
Symposium on Point-Based Graphics , Zurich
Program Committee Member.

May, 13
Seminar TVE - Digital Media
Invited speaker.

May, 10
Ds. thesis defense on "Pertinencia em Dimensao Arbitraria com Multiresolucao", Luciano Silva, IME -USP
Member of the thesis committee

March to June
Course on "Design and Implementation of 3D Graphics Systems" ,
I teach this regular course during the first term at IMPA.

February, 17
Ms. thesis defense on "Segmentacao Interativa", Romaric Audigier, UNICAMP
Member of Thesis Committee.

February, 12
Ds. thesis defense on "Sistema de cache preditivo para processamento em tempo-real de dados graficos", Sergio Pinheiro, PUC-Rio

Computer Graphics Seminar , IMPA

Past Activities