Activities in 2011

October 24-27
SIAM/ACM Joint Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling
Program Committee Member

September to November
Trimester Program on Computational Manifolds and Applications

September 12
Dispositivo Fotografia e Contemporaneidade
Invited Speaker

August 28-31
24th Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI'2011)
Program Committee Member

August 23
Ms dissertation defense on "Improving Mobile Video" , Alexandre Chapiro (IMPA),

August to November *
Course on "Fundamentals and Trends in Image Processing" ,
Teaching this course during the third term at IMPA.

July 20-22
2011 Symposium on Geometry Processing
Member of the Program Committee

June 22-24
SMI'11 (Shape Modeling International Conference)
Member of the Program Committee

May 26-28
CASA (Computer Animation and Social Agents) 2011
Program Committee Member

May 16-19
3DPVT 2011 -Sixth International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission
Member of the Program Committee

March 5-7
GRAPP 2011
Program Committee member

March 24
Ms dissertation defense on "Visualizacao por Imagens Auto-animadas de Campos Vetoriais", Renata Lins (PUC-Rio),
Committee member

March to June
Course on "3D Graphics Systems" ,
Teaching this course during the first term at IMPA.

March 2
Ms dissertation defense on "Terrain Modeling", Leandro Cruz (IMPA),

February, 28
Ms dissertation defense on "GPU Rendering of Implicit Surfaces", Francisco Ganacim (IMPA),
Member of Thesis Committe

February, 22
PhD thesis defense on "Sketch Based Modeling", Emilio Brazil, (IMPA),
Member of Thesis Committe

January, 12
PhD thesis defense on "HRBF Implicits", Ives Macedo, (IMPA),

Past Activities