Activities in 2018

Dec 3-5
VFX Rio 2018
Invited Speaker

Dec 2
RGB-D 2018
Member of the Program Committee

Nov 27
I Panorama em Tecnologias Digitais para Museus
Invited Speaker

Oct 27
Invited Speaker

Aug 17-19
Expressive 2018
Member of the Program Committee

August to November *
Course on Computer Vision and Deep Learning ,
Teaching this course during the second term at IMPA.

April 21 to 26
Workshop on Novel Interaction Techniques for Collaboration in VR , ACM CHI 2018

April 14 to 20
Future Reality Lab , NYU
Guest Lecturer

April 09 to 11
International Conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing - GMP'18
Member of the Program Committee

April 09
Workshop Oi Futuro
Invited Speaker

April 03 to 08
Rio Creative Conference

March 16
MS thesis defense of Daneil Yukimura, (IMPA)
Member of Thesis Committee

March to June
Course on "3D Graphics Systems: Blender and Unity V 2.0" ,
Teaching this course during the first term at IMPA.

February 20
MS thesis defense of Aline Becher, (UFSC)
Member of Thesis Committee

Jan 27 to 29
13th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications
Program Committee Member

Past Activities