Activities in 2020

Dec 04-13
SIGGRAPH Asia 2020
VR Theater contributor

Nov 18-19
GCH 2020
Paper presenter

Nov 07-10
Paper presenter

September 30
PhD thesis defense of Pablo Telles, (PUC-Rio)
Member of Thesis Committee

September to November
Course on Futuro da Midia Audiovisual ,
Teaching this course at ABCine

August 31
MS thesis defense of Thiago Baldivieso, (IME)

August 11
PhD thesis defense of Ezequiel Soto, (IMPA)
Member of Thesis Committee

August to November *
Course on Computer Vision and Deep Learning ,
Teaching this course during the second term at IMPA.

June 26-27
VFX Rio 2020
Invited Speaker

June 8
MS thesis defense of Bernardo Alevato, (PUC-Rio)
Member of Thesis Committee

May 28-29
GI 2020
Paper presenter

May 25-29
Eurographics 2020
Paper presenter

April 29
PhD thesis defense of Ricardo Maroquio, (IME)
Member of Thesis Committee

March to June
Course on "3D Graphics Systems: from New Media to A.I. Graphics" ,
Teaching this course during the first term at IMPA.

Feb 27-29
GRAPP 2020
Paper presenter

February 18
MS thesis defense of Carlos Leal, (UFSC)
Member of Thesis Committee

February 17
PhD thesis defense of Julia Giannella, (ESDI)

Feb 12-13
Presenter [ video ]

January 23
MS thesis defense of Fabio Luiz, (IME)
Member of Thesis Committee

Past Activities