Activities in 1998

Participation at SIBGRAPI'98
I am teaching with Jonas Gomes a course entitled "De Fourier às Wavelets".
I am speaking in a panel about "Wavelet Tools for Digital Painting".
I co-authored the papers: "Cache management for real time visualization of 2D data sets" ; "Texturing composite deformable implicit objects" and; "A systems architecture for warping and morphing af graphical objects" .
I also contributed to the Video Festival with the animations: "2D Textures - An Implicit Drama"; and "Visorama".

Book on "Warping and Morphing of Graphical Objects"
I am a co-author with Jonas Gomes, Lucia Darsa and Bruno Costa of this book, published by Morgan Kaufmann. It will be available in October 1998.

Talk on "Variable Resolution Modeling"
I was invited to give this talk in the Mini-Symposium on Geometric Modeling of the XXI CNMAC.

Course on "Optimization Methods in Computer Graphics"
I am collaborating with Paulo Cezar Carvalho and Jonas Gomes on this undergraduate level course, which has graduate level extension with emphasis on variational methods.
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Participation at SIGGRAPH'98
I am co-organizer with Jonas Gomes of the course " From Fourier Analysis to Wavelets".
I am also presenting a Technical Sketch: " Visorama: A Complete Virtual Panorama System".

Course on "Design and Implementation of 3D Graphics Systems"
I am teaching this regular course at IMPA from March to June.

Short Course on "Implicit Models in Computer Graphics"
I am teaching this course in February, as part of the summer school in computer graphics at IMPA.

Short Course on "Multiresolution Structures for Graphical Objects"
I am teaching this course in January as part of the summer school in computer graphics at IMPA.

First Workshop on Image-Based Modeling and Rendering
I was invited to participate of this workshop in which I presented a poster.

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