Erdos Number

My Erdős Number is 3, as can be seen below:

MR Erdős Number = 3

Luiz Velho       coauthored with       Jorge Stolfi    [3]
Jorge Stolfi     coauthored with       Jeffrey Shallit [2]
Jeffrey Shallit  coauthored with       Paul Erdos      [1]


[1] Erdős, P. and Shallit, J.,
"New Bounds on the Length of Finite Pierce and Engel Series."
Sem. Theor. Nombres Bordeaux 3, 43-53, 1991

[2] J. Shallit and J. Stolfi, 
"Two Methods for Generating Fractals,"
Computers and Graphics, 13(2) (1989) 185-191

[3] Figueiredo, Luiz; Stolfi, Jorge; Velho, Luiz 
 "Approximating Parametric Curves with Strip Trees using Affine Arithmetic".
Computer Graphics Forum,, 22(2):171?180, June 2003.

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