My academic lineage dates back to both Carl Gauss and David Marr!
Perhaps this explains my interests in Geometric Modeling and Computer Vision ;-)

  Carl Friedrich Gauss
  (Universitdt Helmstedt, 1799)
  Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel
  (Universitdt Gvttingen, 1810)
  Heinrich Scherk
  (Universitdt Berlin, 1823)
  Ernst Kummer
  (Universitdt Halle-Wittenberg, 1831)
  Georg Frobenius
  (Universitdt Berlin, 1870)
  Issai Schur
  (Universitdt Berlin, 1901)
  Bernhard Neumann
  (Cambridge University, 1932)
  Laszls Kovacs                              David Marr
  (University of Manchester, 1961)           (University of Cambridge, 1971)
     |                                            |
  John Brady                                 Shimon Ullman
  (Australian National University, 1970)     (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977)
                     Demetri Terzopoulos 
                     (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984)
                     Luiz Velho 
                     (University of Toronto, 1994)

PS: In fact, my genealogy graph is a bit more complex than the tree above.
(See this image generated from the Math Genealogy Project by geneagrapher,
and this pdf shows an even more recent tree, generated on 01/05/2010.)

Here is my Math Genealogy page, including some of my stydents.

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