draft version   3.25.14

Project objectives

This project has as objective not only the study of the elements involved in the better visual perception, capture and projection of our surrounding visual space , but also the teaching of these technological and scientific matters as part of the effort of ACCD to integrate Science Education in Art and Design.

Cinematic Immersion factor

Cinematic Vision Immersion is the sensation of being surrounded by photographic realistic imagery and sound, achieved by sum of graphic elements and factors that can contribute to its development.

Phase 0

Exchange of support and confidenciality agreements  between the institutions, partners and crew  involved.

Definition and approval of the project phases.

Scheduling of Phase 1.

Interexchange of Science and Art Information on existing programs at VISGRAF and ACCD, inspiring students to a broader vision of their fields and innovation.

Scientific Information on Stereo Human Vision, Visual Space, Light, Color and Digital Media.

Technological Information on the State of the Art on the field and and Visualization Experimentation.

Phase 1 - high resolution workflow test

July 2013 - Capture cinematic material using high resolution different cameras, shooting from catwalk on ACCD Stage 2, using instructions from VISGRAF (stage area and target)

Phase 2

Process and project material from ACCD at VISGRAF

Phase 4

To capture different and representative scenes in 4K resolution and repeat the workflow.

Get a more powerful stereo projector , perhaps a Christe Mirage 4K 3D 120Hz Projector in Brazil and augment the screen area suspending the project in a venue/studio.

Phase 3

Set up the projection on  Stage 2 at ACCD, attaching the BenQ Stereo Projector vertically.

Try to exhibit  the projection of different ACCD clips in 2014 Fall’s Grad Show o LA Times Auditorium.

Phase 5

Set up the projection on  SISGRAFF February, 2014

Project Timeline

Phase 6

Loan and/or Aquisition by VISGRAF and public exibits with Christie Mirage 4K 3D 120Hz Projector


Shooting specs on 07.31.13:

cameras RED MX mounted on a Cheese Plate Base

resolution 4 RAW 12bit RedCode 36 (compression 3:1)

color space REDlog

format 16:9

ISO 800

shutter 1/60

frame rate 29.97fps

S3D specs:

normal lens 44mm

IA = 30cm

take 1 - 32mm - slate 1 B 2

take 2 - 25mm tilt down

take 3 - 25mm - slate 1 C 1

courtesy takes from Grant White’s Young Hearts music vdeo on 07.31.13

Carrying selected scenes in R3D to be converted by LUX/Rio in 16bit OpenEXR and color corrected to ACES.

photo Andy Kao


Shooting specs on 10.16.13:

cameras Sony FS 100 on ACCD S3D rig

resolution 1920 x 1080

color space Abel Cine Presets

format 16:9

ISO 800

shutter 1/60

frame rate 23.98fps

S3D specs:

normal lens 28mm

IA = 6.35cm

courtesy takes directed by Axel Lanzenberg and acted by Walter


Shooting specs on 10.30.13:

cameras RED Epic mounted on a Cheese Plate Base

resolution 5K FF 12bit (compression 8:1)

color space REDlGamma3

format 16:9

ISO 800

shutter 1/38

frame rate 23.98fps

S3D specs:

normal lens 35mm

IA  = 20cm

courtesy takes from Richard Pearce playing Pablo Casals on Cello