SIBGRAPI 2005: Posters

Program Committee

Technical Posters

  1. Acquisition and Image Processing System for Digital Dermatoscopy
    Thiago Figueiró, Nivea Schuch, Viviane Cordeiro, Leticia Guimarães, Altamiro Susin

  2. Comparison of the virtual environment Implementation with Services of speaks
    Eduardo Damasceno, José Remo F. Brega

  3. Data Clustering Analysis using Self-Organizing Maps with 3-D Output Grids
    Jose Costa

  4. An Integrated Tool for Numerical Weather Models and Environmental Information Visualization
    Cicero Augusto Zandoná, Sérgio Scheer, Cesar Beneti, Fábio Sato

  5. Bone Imaging Using Tone-Burst Vibro-acoustography and Pulse Echo Ultrasound: A Qualitative Comparative Study
    Farid Mitri

  6. E-learning in Medical Diagnosis
    Daniela Ushizima, Marta Rosatelli

  7. Image Restoration Using Non-Decimated Wavelet Transform and Row-Action Projections
    Joao Paulo Papa

  8. Low Cost Image Acquisition System for Optical Microscopy
    Thiago Figueiró, Nivea Schuch, Francisco Socal, Leticia Guimarães, Altamiro Susin

  9. Quantitative Microscopy Applied to Cytology and Material Microstructure
    Daniela Ushizima, Hermes Senger, Marcos Cordeiro d'Ornellas, Fátima Medeiros

  10. Content Based Image Retrieval using color auto-correlograms in HSV color space
    Robson Barcellos, Rogerio Saranz, Luciana Lorenzi, Adilson Gonzaga

  11. Prototype Image Constraints Using Modified Inverse Filter for CBERS-2 Satellite Image Restoration
    Nelson Mascarenhas

  12. Mining and Visualization of Logs of Bioinformatics Web Services in silico Experiments
    Sergio Manuel Serra da Cruz

  13. A face detector using Neural Networks and Discrete wavelet Transforms
    Ines Boaventura, Valéria Volpe, André Sanches, Adilson Gonzaga

  14. Preliminary Study of Extraction of Facial Geometric Measures as Features for Content-Based Retrieval
    André Oriani, Jander Moreira

  15. 3D Reconstruction of Free-Form Objets from Range Images Acquired by Laser Scanning
    Landecir Alves Albuquerque, Jose Motta

  16. People detection in still images based on a skin filter and body part evidence
    Claudio Cavalcanti

  17. Photogenic Expression Recognition using Gabor Filters and Support Vector Machines
    Luana Batista

  18. Interactive Shader Development Using Python Scripts
    Florian Mannuss, Andre Hinkenjann

  19. A New Approach to determine the Foot Classification based on Footprint Spatial Area
    Leonardo Rocha, Juliana Dias, William Belangero

  20. Neutral Facial Image Recognition Using Parallel Hopfield Neural Networks
    Evandro Alves Silva, Armando Marin, Adilson Gonzaga, Fabiana Bertoni, Kelton Costa, Luciana Albuquerque

  21. Fourier Transform Graphical Analysis: an Approach for Digital Image Processing
    Mára Regina daSilva, Paulo Souza

  22. Data Reduction for Great Variability Images in a Temporal Analysis
    Mára Regina daSilva

  23. Classification of Elements in an 3D Urban Virtual Environment
    Juliana Denipote, Rodrigo Assaf

  24. Extrapolation of Spetrum for Signal and Image Restoration
    Moacir Ponti Jr., Nelson Mascarenhas, Claudio Suazo

  25. Computer Vision Guidance in Medical Applications
    Daniela Trevisan

  26. A Novel Algorithm for Active Contour Models
    Anderson Santana

  27. Features Extraction from a 3D Morphological Structure using Wavelets
    Silvia Pinto

  28. Automatic clusters to face recognition
    Anderson Rodrigo dos Santos, Adilson Gonzaga

  29. Hand Geometry Feature Extraction Through Curvature Profile Analysis
    Guilherme Boreki, Alessandro Zimmer

  30. Gabor Filter Alied in Supervised Classification of Remote Sensing Images
    Ana Carolina Gracioso, Ana Cláudia Paris, Fábio Fernando Silva, Renata de Freitas Góes

  31. Motion Capture Animation for Physical Model Analysis
    Leopoldo França, Veronica Teichrieb, Sérgio Galdino, Judith Kelner

  32. Supporting the Online Community of Computer Graphics Educators
    Frederico Figueiredo, Joaquim Jorge

  33. X3DPROT: ATool for Distributed 3D Protein Structure Visualization and Manipulation
    Marcos Bonfadini

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