Activities in 2005

November, 23-25
Program Committe Member

October, 19
I Simposio de Iniciacao Cientifica e Pos-Graduacao do IME-USP
Opening Talk

October, 9-12
Posters Chair, Tutorial CP Member.

Septembre 28 to Octobre 16
Art Outsiders at Maison Europeenne de la Photographie,
with VISORAMA-Rio exhibit.

August, 2-4
Paper reviewer

August to November
Course on "Image Processing for Graphics and Vision" ,
I am teaching this course at IMPA. (course page)

July, 29-31
ACM / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation ,
Member of Program Committee

July, 29
PhD thesis defense, Thomas Lewiner (PUC-Rio)
Member of thesis committee

July, 24-29
Coloquio Brasileiro de Matematica , Rio de Janeiro
Co-organizer of the Special Session on Computer Graphics and Vision.

July, 22-29
XVIII Concurso de Teses e Dissertacoes , SBC
Jury Member

July, 17-20
Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2005
Invited Scientist

July, 12
Ms. thesis defense on "Dynamic BSP-trees", Rodrigo Luque (UFRGS),
Member of thesis committee

July 6 to September 11
Cinetico Digital , Instituto Itau Cultural
Invited Artist, [ catalog ]

July, 4-6
Third Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing
Program Committee Member.
Keynote Speaker

June 25
Procams 2005 ,
Member of the Program Committee.

June 24
Ms. thesis defense on "Efeitos de Mosaico para Imagens" Geisa Martins Faustino (IMPA),
Member of thesis committee

June 22-24
Computer Graphics International 2005 ,
Member of the Program Committee.

June, 21-22
Point-Based Graphics 2005 ,
Member of the Program Committee.

June, 17
Simposio sobre TV Digital ,
Invited Speaker

June, 13-17
Shape Modeling International ,
Member of the Program Committee.

June, 13-15
ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling ,
Member of the Program Committee.

June, 8
Qualifying Exam of Raul Ademar Pacheco (PUC-Rio)
Member of examination committee

June, 6
MS thesis defense on "3D Shading Effects for Cartoon Animation", Hedlena Bezerra (PUC-Rio)
Co-Supervisor (with Bruno Feijo')

June, 1st
PhD thesis defense on "Inverse Rendering", Jose Pinheiro (UFMG)
Member of thesis committee

May, 23-25
Symposium on Computational Photography ,
Presenting a Poster

May, 10-12
Microsoft Research Academic Summit, (almenat resort) ,
Invited Researcher

May, 6
PhD thesis defense on "Reconstrucao a partir de nuvem de pontos por funcoes de Morse discretas", Helton Biscaro (USP - Sao Carlos)
Member of thesis committee

May, 2
Concurso Prof. Titular - IME/USP
Member of Evaluation Committee

April 29
Mathematics Colloquium , PUC-Rio
Invited Talk

April, 8
Ms. thesis defense on "Triangulacoes Adaptativas em Multiresolucao", Ricardo Marroquim (COPPE-UFRJ)
Member of thesis committee, Collaborator

March, 1st
Ms. thesis defense on "Texture Synthesis", Leandro Tonietto (UNISINOS)
Member of thesis committee

March to June
Course on "Design and Implementation of 3D Graphics Systems" ,
I teach this regular course during the first term at IMPA.

Fabruary, 22
Ms. thesis defense on "Simplificacao de Superficies Implicitas Nao-Compactas com Preservacao de Topologia", Aruquia Peixoto, (UFRJ)

Fabruary, 21
Ms. thesis defense on "Simplificacao de Moleculas", Cynthia Oliveira Ferreira (PUC-Rio)
Member of thesis committee

February, 1st
D.Sc. thesis defense on "Affine Skeletons", Moacyr Alvin Barbosa (IMPA)

January 31 - February 4,
13 International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision ,
Member of the Program Committee.

Past Activities