Activities in 2010

November, 29
Conference Commemorating 60th Years of Jorge Stolfi
Host Speaker

October, 18-22
XVI Argentine Congress of Computer Science CACIC
Program Committee Member

September 1-3
ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling
Program Committee Member

August 30 - September 3
23rd Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI'2010)
Advisory Committee Member

August to November *
Course on "Fundamentals and Trends in Image Processing" ,
Teaching this course during the third term at IMPA.

July 19
Ph.D. Thesis defense on "Simuladores Interativos para Treinamento", Rodrigo Ferraz (LSI-USP)
Member of thesis committee

July 05-07
VI Workshop em Visao Computacional
Keynote Speaker

July 5-7
2010 Symposium on Geometry Processing
Member of the Program Committee

June 21-23
SMI'10 (Shape Modeling International Conference)
Member of the Program Committee

June 16-18
GMP 2010 - Geometric Modeling and Processing Conference
Program Committee Member

May 31 - June 2
CASA (Computer Animation and Social Agents) 2010
Program Committee Member

May 17-20
3DPVT 2010 -Fifth International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission
Member of the Program Committee

May, 17-21
GRAPP 2010
Program Committee member

April 30
Invited Speaker

April, 5
Ms dissertation defense on "Content-Preserving Projections for Panoramas", Leonardo Koller Sacht, (IMPA),
Member of Thesis Committe

March, 19
Ms dissertation defense on "Geracao de Animacoes Faciais em Avatares", Rossana Queiroz, (PUC-RS),
Member of Thesis Committe

March, 15
Ms dissertation defense on "Normalshop: Modeling Surface Mesostructure", Thiago Pereira, (IMPA)

March to June *
Course on "3D Graphics Systems" ,
Teaching this course during the second term at IMPA.

February, 26
Ms dissertation defense on "Point-Based Rendering", Felipe Moura (COPPE/UFRJ),
Member of Thesis Committe

February, 25
Ms dissertation defense on "A Hybrid Method for Computing Apparent Ridges", Eric Jardim (IMPA),
Member of Thesis Committe

January, 15
PhD thesis defense on " Galerias Inteligentes e Otimizacao de Posicionamento de Camera", Thales Vieira, (PUC-Rio),

Past Activities