Activities in 2006

December, 18
Ms. thesis defense on "Video Calibration for Augmented Reality", Bruno Madeira (IMPA) ,

November, 08-10
SBGAMES 2006 ,
PC Member

Premio Zeferino Vaz
Jury Member

October, 08-11 *
Member of the Program and Video Committees.

September, 18-21 *
Keynote Speaker

September, 4 -8
Eurographics 2006 ,
Member of Short Papers Committee

September, 2-4
ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation ,
Member of Program Committee

August, 28-30
Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing ,
Member of the Program Committee.

August to November
Course on Computational Photography ,
Teaching this course during the second term at IMPA.

August, 7
PhD thesis defense on "Discrete Geodesics on Combinatorial Manifolds", Dimas Morera (IMPA) ,
Member of Thesis Committee

August, 1-3 *
Course reviewer, paper reviewer.

July 29-30 *
Symposium on Point-Based Graphics ,
Member of Program Committee

July 16-21 *
58 Reuniao Anual da SBPC ,
Keynote Speaker

June, 26 to 28 *
Fourth Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing ,
Member of the Program Committee, Session Chair.

June 19-22
Member of Program Committee

June, 14-16
Third International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission ,
Member of Program Committee

June, 14-16
Shape Modeling International ,
Member of Program Committee

June, 6-8
ACM Solid and Physical Modeling Symposium ,
Member of Program Committee

May, 8-9 *
Grandes Desafios: 2006-2016, SBC,

April, 17
PhD thesis defense on "Novos Metodos Simpliciais em Computacao Grafica", Vinicius Mello (IMPA) ,

April, 7
Ms. thesis defense on "High Dynamic Range Imaging", Rodrigo Martins (PUC-Rio) ,
Member of thesis committee

March, 9
PhD thesis defense on "Controlling Illumination to Increase Information on a Collection of Images", Asla Sa (IMPA) ,
Member of thesis committee

March, 7-8
Workshop on Image-Based Graphics ,

March to June
Course on "Advanced Image Synthesis" ,
Teaching this course during the first term at IMPA.

February, 25-28
International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications ,
Member of the Program Committee.

February, 21
Thesis Proposal on "Deteccao de Displasias em MRI", Felipe Bergo (UNICAMP) ,
Member of examination commitee

February, 20
Ms. thesis defense on "Propagacao de Pontos usando Tranformada Unscented", Leyza Dorini, (UNICAMP) ,
Member of the thesis commitee

February, 16
Escola de Verao UFES ,
Invited Speaker

February, 14
Ms. thesis defense on "Scalable Topological Data Structures", Marcos Lage Ferreira (PUC-Rio) ,
Member of Thesis Commitee.

February, 13
Ms. thesis defense on "Implicit Curve Reconstruction from Points", Sueni Arouca (PUC-Rio) ,

February 1-10
Short Course on "Analysis and Synthesis from Image Collections" ,

January 30-February 3
WSCG 06 ,
Member of Program Committee

January, 30
Ms. thesis defense on "Hardware-assisted rendering of CSG models", Fabiano Segadaes Romeiro (IMPA) ,

January, 16
Ms. thesis defense on "Calculo Projetivo de Caixas", Leandro Fernandes (UFRGS) ,
Member of thesis committee

Past Activities