Activities in 2023

Sept 7
VFXRio Dance ,
Keynote Speaker

August to November *
Course on Multimodal Generative Networks ,
Teaching this course during the second term at IMPA.

July, 1-31
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Visiting Researcher

July, 6-7
International Conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing

May, 17
Ms Defense of Gabriel Abati, (PUC-Rio)
Member of Examination Committee

April, 27-28
DANC3&T3CH 2023

April, 3
Ms Defense of Mariana Duarte, (PUC-Rio)
Member of Examination Committee

March to June *
Topics Course on Motion Capture and Applications ,
Organizer and instructor.

March to June
Course on "3D Graphics Systems: A.I. Graphics - Theory and Practice" ,
Teaching this course during the first term at IMPA.

February, 23
Qualifying Exam of Thiago Baldivieso

February, 6
TCC defense of Tomas Ferranti, (EMAp - FGV)
Member of Examination Committee

January, 30
Da Imaginacao a Criacao - ESDI
Invited Talk

January, 25

Past Activities